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Administrator's Deed

Bargain and Sale with Covenant's

Bargain and Sale without Covenant's

Executor's Deed

Quitclaim Deed

Warranty Deed


253 Affidavit Version 1

255 Affidavit

256 Affidavit

275 Affidavit

Affidavit for an Assigned Contract

Affidavit for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Affidavit for Federal Estate Tax

Affidavit for Residential Condo One Family

Affidavit in Lieu of Registration

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Affidavit

Title Affidavit

Co-Op Affidavit

FIRPTA Affidavit (Certificate of Non Foreign Status)

General Affidavit

Heirship Affidavit

No Cosideration Transfer Affidavit

Reverse Mortgage Affidavit

Smoke Detector Affidavit


Assignment of Mortgage with Covenant

Assignment of Mortgage without Covenant

Attorney Guaranty Letter

Attorney Opinion Letter


Building Loan Contract

Building Loan Mortgage

Collateral Assignment of leases and Rents

Consolidation and Extension Agreement

First Mortgage

Mortgage Note

Mortgage Splitter Agreement

Partial Release of Mortgage Premises

Release of part of Mortgage Premises

Request for Mortgage Payoff

Satisfaction of Mortgage

Spreader Agreement

Subordinate Agreement

Termination of Leases and Rents

UCC Filling Statement(UCC1)

UCC Filling Statement Amendment(UCC3)

UCC Filling Statement -Co-Op(UCC1Cad)


Apartment Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Condominium Unit Lease Agreement

House Lease Agreement

Lease Termination (30 day)

Limited Guarantee of Lease

Office Lease Agreement

Store Lease Agreement


Purchaser's Retainer

Sellers Retainer


Amendment to Contract

Commercial Contract of Sale

Condominium Contract of Sale

Co-Op Contract of Sale

FHA/VA Rider

Memorandum of Contract

New Construction Contract of Sale (version 1)

New Construction Contract of Sale (version 2)

Purchase Money Mortgage Rider

Residential Contract of Sale

Rockland County Contract of Sale

Termination of Contract of Sale

Transfer Tax and Related Documents

Affidavit in Lieu of Registration

Affidavits for NYCRPT and TP-584

E-Tax forms Data (Insured Titles)

E-TAx Forms Data-JR (Non-Insyred Titles)

IT-2663 (2006)

Mounty Vernon RPT

New York City RPT (long Form)

New York City RPT (Short Form)

New York City RPT Instructions

Preliminary Registration Form

RP5217 NYC

TP-584 (11/04)


Yonkers RPT

Recording Cover Pages

Orange County Recording Page

Putnam County Recording Page

Suffolk County Recording Page

Westchester County Recording Page


1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

TOEPP Coverage Description


1099 and Exemption Affidavit


Authorization to Release Escrow Funds

Closing Statement

Consent of Shareholders

DEP- Registration for Water and Sewer

Directors Resolution

EPA Lead Paint Disclosure Form

General Release- Corporation

General Release- Individual


HUD-1 (version 2


Lienor's Estoppel

LLC Certificate of Authority

Miscellaneous Rider

Notice of Lending

Notice Of Lien- Condo Act

NYC Real Estate Tax Refund

Owners Estoppel

Owners Registration Card

Post Closing Possession Agreement

Power of Attorney (Durable)

Power of Attorney (Full Force)

Power of Attorney (Revocation)

Pre Closing Possession License Agreement

Property Condition Disclosure Form

Reciprocal Driveway Easement

Referee Report of Sale

Release of Mechanic's Lien

Time of Essence (Version 1)

Time of Essence (Version 2)

Annual Meeting of Board of Directors

Annual Meeting of Shareholders